Monday, June 8, 2009


Here are some more of the flowers blooming in my flower beds. I really love spring when everything starts to bloom. The first picture is of my Circle Flowers. At least that is what I was told they were called. The second one is my Miniature Rose, I do not know it's name. Third is of my smaller Poppy plant. Forth is my White Poppy. The Poppies came in a pot marked Assorted Poppies. I once had a watermelon colored one on the same plant as the white ones this year.


  1. The white poppies are so pretty! I really need to get some more colors. I do have one orange one to move when it's done. It's too close to the forsythia and it's getting choked out.

  2. I just love seeing all the colours in your garden Tudy. The photos from the baby shower are great and those gifts you made are too cute for words.


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