Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Apple Dish Cloth and Puffballs

This is an apple pattern dish cloth I saw on Dawn's blog and you can get it here .
I was so excited about it that I went out and got the cotton yarn and did it up. I know several people who collect apples for their kitchens. I had it with me to show a friend at my Stretch class this morning and several people ask if I was going to sell them. I guess I did a okay job. Thanks Dawn for getting me back to some knitting.

This is a Puffball Mushroom that is growing in our yard. We have had them in the past but this is the first one this year. It is larger around than a basketball. It is a very strange site.


  1. Nice dishcloth! We've had those in the yard before too. They make a mess when we mow over them. Thankfully we haven't had any this year yet.

  2. Your dishcloth is nice.

    That's a mushroom? Thank heavens! I thought it was another broken egg! LOL!

    ~TattingChic ♥

  3. What a pretty dishcloth.
    We haven't seen any this year yet,but last year was a bumper year for all sorts of toadstools here


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