Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Last Gail Pan Block

This is the last Gail Pan free BOM. I still have to sash and put them together but that will have to wait till next week after my company goes home. I am sure we will be too busy for the next week for me to get any sewing done. We always have a busy week and lots of good times.


  1. You did a very nice job...can't wait to see them all put together!

  2. Congrats! I haven't even traced mine yet. I wanted to yesterday but I had to pressure wash the deck instead. There's always tomorrow.

  3. This is lovely! I have a question perhaps you would be kind enough to answer for me. I started these blocks using a thin piece of cotton batting behind the block. It worked well but I would like to do them using a stabalizer behind instead..........what would I buy to use. The display of stablizers at Joann's is HUGE! Thank you!


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