Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Finishes and Flowers

Here are 3 more dish cloths that I have finished. I am using yarn I had on hand. I love the colors and the cream row really sets the colors off I think.

I have shown you my large Bleeding Heart earlier this spring but it is still in bloom and larger than ever. Hubby is standing behind it to show you just how big it is. It seems to grow larger each year.

I bought a pot of mixed Poppies several years back and this pinkish white one is one color. I have not noticed any others around our area that color.

This orange is also from the same pot when we separated them.

This is one of my old fashion White Peonies up close.

This is just on of the many Peonie plants I have and it is in full bloom right now. I am waiting for the pink one to open up yet.


  1. You're right...that bleeding heart gets bigger every year! It must be very happy there! :0)

  2. That Bleeding Heart plant is gorgeous! I always admired my neighbor's while growing up. Never saw it fully tended to, but I was told they're not the easiest plant to grow. They are by far, though, one of the most beautiful plants in nature. :-) Love 'em! Ohhh... And I love the dish cloths! Very elegant in their simplicity --and that touch of cream is a wonderful detail!

    -Stephanie Grace

  3. I love to crochet and I love dishcloths. I use the heck out of 'em. Why don't I make any now that you've inspired me? Oh lordy bee don't ask me!

    I was really taken with your Poppies that were from that mixed ones. Several years back, ha? They must be easy keepers, winter over nciely?

  4. Bleeding heart is one that never would come back for me from one year to the next, so I gave up on them. Your flowers are usual. I like the dishcloths and do love that cream-colored row you popped into each of them.

  5. Lovely-lovely-lovely flower pictures from you, I just love you lot that show these magnificant flower pictures :0)
    My Bleeding Heart is growing,but we had frost last night(very seldom in late May),so I hope for the best.One day really soon a flower picture or two from my end(of course a can always take it from Google!! what a shame!!
    Anyway,love your 3 cloths,very nice matching colours:)

  6. well, hello! both flowers and crochet are my's so nice to meet you!
    come by and share this with me...

    going to poke around here some more!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina


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