Sunday, May 2, 2010

Once Again Spring Flowers

These are my first May bloomers on a rainy morning. This is along my closed in porch. The old tractor seat is part of the country design.

Lily of the Valley are growing in many places around our yard. Hubby decided to put them in a lot of places and they are over running the place now. I love them but they spread very fast.

This is my Red Peony that I got a start from a neighbor when she moved. I have babied it for four springs and it has 5 buds this year. I always loved it and dug it for her when she moved, so she gave me a start. Her mom had planted it years ago.

My first Iris is in bloom. It only stands about a foot tall but it is so pretty this morning in the rain.

This is the bed along my sidewalk to the house. Lots of Forget-Me-Not's, a few Tulips and an Alium just starting to open. Plus 2 birdbaths.


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