Saturday, September 18, 2010

Clean Sewing Room

After I made my little shelves look so nice the rest of my sewing things were a mess. So this morning I started sorting things out and re-organizing them. I have a very small room that is for my sewing so it is very compact. I do have a bunch of stuff that is going to Goodwill or the likes that people had given me and I was going to use some day. Right, I will never use it because my tastes have changed. Let someone else have it and put it to good use. There are shelves all around this small room. These are mine and the tubs on the floor hold my fabric.

This is the short shelf to the left of my sewing table. My Grandpa cut a hole in this library table for my to put my machine down in so it is level with the table top. It makes a great sewing surface. I have had it since I was in Jr. High.

These shelves are up and to the right of my sewing table. This was Terry's room and the shelves were there when she used it. Makes a nice place to put smaller items. Yes, that is our freezer in her closet. Work out great in there.

These shelves are to the right as you come in the door to my sewing room. The notebooks (binders) are full of plastic sleeves filled with patterns and ideas I have pulled out of magazines. It sure saves space.

I feel very good that it is neat for now. How long it will stay that way, who knows. It is a good days work.


  1. That's what I was just looks great but how long will it stay that way? LOL

  2. is going to look great when you finish.

  3. Very nice...I am wondering how long it will stay like this?

  4. I have a long time to wait for the boys to move out so I can have a dedicated sewing room

  5. Don't ya just love it when you first do the clean up bit and want to make stuff...there ya go messy again!!!
    Looks wonderful Tudy!


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