Saturday, September 11, 2010

Lots of Wayne County Fair Pictures

This is the sky on the way to the fair. Right in the middle is what looks like a partial rainbow. I know it has a name but I can't remember what it is called because there was no rain anywhere around.

UP DATE: I have been told these are called Sun Dogs by several people. Just wanted you to know.

Horse pull at the fair. Sorry about the cane in the picture I did not see it till it was too late. They hook the team to the sled with concrete blocks on it and after each team pulls it they add more blocks till none of them pull it the 28 feet. The winner is the one who pulls it the farthest on the last round. They have a light weight class and a heavy weight class.

A team after they pulled going back to wait their turn again.

Yet another team. This year they had a light weight team with a pinto looking horse and a Dapple gray horse spook and take off down the track. No one and no horse was hurt but it was the first time I had ever seen that happen in over 40 years of watching them pull.

These pictures were taken in the home and flower hall where people bring in things they have made and win prizes.

I love all the hand work that was there.

Did not get to the animal buildings today but hope to go again Wed. or Thur. to see what we missed today. Rain was on the way when we came home.


  1. Tudy, what a fun day ... we used to go to the fair every year ... the kid-lings love it now.

    Have a beautiful weekend ~
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  2. Is that called a sun dog? I know it sounds goofy but I think I've heard that term before. Glad you had a good day at the fair and glad the rain held off as long as it did.

  3. I enjoyed your pictures of the wayne county fair. I plan to attend the Tree City Quilters and America Sewing Guild demonstrations

  4. enjoyed your pictures and the fair from my chair. what a place today! Thanks

  5. I enjoyed your pictures of wayne county fair.
    I plan to attend the Tree City Quilters and the America Sewing Guild demonstrations,

  6. Our fair is going on now too. Looking at your pictures of the quilts has me looking forward to seeing our displays. So fun to see others work..and very inspiring.

  7. I love fall fairs. There is one in a town just north of us at the end of the September. I think I might go. Your photos have got me all excited.

  8. What a wonderful fair, thanks for taking us with you.


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