Saturday, May 14, 2011

Bath Time and a Bag

It was bath time for the robins yesterday between the rain storms. One was in the bird bath and the other one was waiting.

This is a pattern I bought to make a purse. I like roomy purses but this is way to big for even me. It is a messenger bag. It will be great to take things to the Rec. Center for my exercise class. I will cut the pattern down later to make me a purse because I like the looks of it.

This is the inside. It has a large zipper pocket and two open pockets. It also has a covered foam core bottom on the inside. It is made of pre-quilted fabric I had in my stash. I like the way it came out.


  1. The bag looks great. It does look nice and roomy.

    I always enjoy the birds coming to the bath. They have so much fun splashing around.

  2. Love the bag. I have been wanting to make one.Yours looks nice and roomy.

  3. Love watching the birds in the birdbath - or mud puddle - or just about anywhere right now, as it's non-stop rain! That bag looks really great, perfect for classes, or the gym, or if you don't want those at home to know what you've bought at the fabric store. I think I need one.

  4. What a great bag, and great to have the pockets inside, especially the zipped one

  5. I love the way it turned out too! So nice to have pockets inside, especially a zippered one. I had robins in my bird bath too. So cute!

  6. Very pretty bag! It's always nice to see the birds enjoying the birdbath! :0)


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