Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Blooms and Magnets

This is a flowering tree in our side yard and it is about ready to burst open in bloom. I took this out the window because it is again raining today.

The next 2 pictures are of Yo-Yo magnets that I have been working on. I think they are very neat to hold things on any metal surface.

We may get some sun tomorrow and Thursday. I sure hope so things can dry out.


  1. I love your yo yo magnets. People send us pictures all the time and I've been putting them up on the fridge. (Wedding announcements, birth announcements, Christmas cards, graduations, etc.) I've run out of magnets. Maybe I should make up some of those! Too cute.

  2. Love your flowers and magnets!!

  3. Rain for us too! So many trees are flowering, but just as many are not - I think they're all confused, lol. Love the yo-yo magnets!

  4. looks like spring has finally found you


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