Thursday, May 26, 2011

Last Night's Leftovers

This is the water level at the back of our shed. I have never seen it that high up before. We had 1 3/4 inches of rain in a few hours time.

Looking back toward the grain Elevator building from our shed.

Same view but closer up.

Looking south to our neighbors flower beds and the field beyond.


  1. Oh my mom was telling me last night on the phone that Ohio, at least Northwest has gotten reain every day but two the entire month of May; scary stuff!
    Mother Nature is truly angry!

  2. That is AMAZING!!!!! We got four inches of rain and I can't believe the water everywhere. Time to build a boat? Hope it goes down quick for you!

  3. Amazing! We were lucky enough not to have flooding, but other areas near here did....closed highways, flooded basements, etc.

    Do you think maybe we should think about building an ark?

    I say its time that Mother Nature let us dry out!


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