Sunday, June 5, 2011

Flowers and Baby Robin

These are some of the Petunias we planted this year in a half tub.

Pink Peony late to bloom and smaller this year.

Flower bed by porch.

I think these are Circle Flowers.

My Red Rose is in full bloom right now.

My Purple Iris finally bloomed.

Petunias around our rock by the driveway.

Purple Clematis has it's first bloom.

Baby Robin sitting in half barrel. He has very short tail feathers and does not fly well yet but momma Robin has been feeding him. He is no longer there so either he flew away or momma moved him somewhere else.


  1. The baby robins are so cute at that age! They actually can get around quite well even though they don't actually fly yet.

  2. Just love the have a beautiful yard.

  3. Hi Tudy,
    I am a new follower. I like your flower pictures. Your red rose and Iris are so pretty.
    If you get a chance stop by my blog sometime. It is a mix of flowers, recipes and crafts.
    Becky at Ginger Creme Hollow


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