Saturday, June 11, 2011

Mother's Day Post and Around My Yard

I forgot to post about Mother's Day. I got a great gift card from my daughter Terry and this lovely wall hanging made by my daughter-in-law Terri. I loved both gifts.

This little guy was making a lot of noise the other day sitting on the well rock next door.

This is my Honey Suckle up close.

One of my Honey Suckle bushes.

The yellow flower are called Sun Drops around here but I have no idea what the purple flower is. I got it from a neighbor and it spreads.

My bunch of Sun Drops.

My Red Rose that came off a peach ground growing Rose.

My white Poppy.


  1. Your Mother's Day sounds wonderful. Isn't it nice to be so loved?

    Your flowers are so pretty. Is the purple one a cornflower? I have some blue ones that look similar to it. Everything looks so green and lush there now.

  2. Your flowers are just beautiful.....

  3. Sweet Mother's day gift - and your flowers are beautiful!

  4. Your flowers look great! It's funny to see the chipmunk still sitting there like it did years ago! Glad you enjoyed your gift card! :0)

  5. You must have such a lovely garden:-) I love checking you blog from time to time,looking for flowers!


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