Thursday, September 22, 2011

Foggy Morning and a Finish

This is what it looked like when it became daylight this morning. Pretty foggy and damp outside.

Hubby took a picture of this spider web but it is pretty hard to see. Click on it and you might see it better.

This is the wall hanging that has not been finished since 2009. That is when I did the stitching but I could not figure how to lay it out and make it fit where I wanted to put it. Thanks to Terry and Emily and myself the top was finished last Sat. Today I got it pinned and quilted and bound.

This is the label on the back that I also stitched in 2009 but I added in ink my helpers to get it finished. Thanks again Terry and Emily.

This is where I hung it above my TV. You see it had to fit between the ends of the shelf. It is not crooked but sort of looks that way from the way I took the picture. Sorry about that. I really love it hanging there.

Now I have a much larger project to get started on thanks again to Terry.

P.S. this is a design from in 2009.


  1. Your wall hanging looks very nice. I did get to see the spider web, too.

  2. Oh, the quilt label you made, too!

  3. so glad to see it finished, it's a lovely colour. I think the label is wonderful, something for future generations to look at

  4. I do remember this BOM you did fantastic. I am sure the designer is thrilled with your finish. I love fog, it is so quiet and still your pictures look rested.

  5. Congratulations on getting it all finished! It looks great up there! :0)

  6. Your quilt is lovely. Kudos to you, Terry, and Emily.

  7. What a sweet quilt. I love it.

  8. Looks good where you have it the label!


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