Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Good Book

I know I may be behind the times but I just read this book a friend lent me. I know the movie is out already too. It is a very good book and I did not want to put it down once I got started.

Now this week after I get my house in order today I plan on working on my wall hanging and my quilt that Terry and Emily helped me get ready last Sat. I need to cut some blocks for 4 patch blocks for the quilt before I can sew on it, but hopefully you will see some progress soon. I know Terry will be after me to get to work on them both.


  1. Hi Tudy....I agree...this is a really good book! I totally enjoyed it.

  2. You mean you're not done with the wall hanging and the quilt yet? LOL

  3. I started reading this book on a Monday afternoon...went to bed at one in the morning...got up and started reading it again and finished at lunch time....yep...couldn't put it down...great read.

  4. I have heard that it's a good book. I always like to read the book before I see the movie. Guess I'd better hurry.


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