Friday, September 23, 2011

Sneak Peek and Giveaway Received

This is a sneak peek for my next quilt project. Cutting is finished but no sewing today my back/hip is not letting me move very well and sitting at the machine is a no-no today. Maybe tomorrow between baking more Christmas breads.

This is the gift Nola received for my 600th post giveaway. She got it yesterday so I can show it now. She loved everything and plans to use it well.

Rainy and colder here today and I think that is the back/hip issue. Should be better tomorrow. Have a great weekend.


  1. How lucky Nola is to receive such beautiful gifts, Tudy! Love your new quilt fabrics.

    Have a wonderful weekend.
    TTFN ~

  2. I finally gave in and put the heating on for a while today, though it is supposed to warm up here again next week.
    Lovely fabrics for your new project

  3. Lovely gift you sent to Nola! I can't wait to see your four patches start coming together! :0)

  4. Lovely fabrics! And what a neat gift you made for Nola!

    Hope your back/hip feels better quick!


  5. Thank you again Tudy! My daughter stopped by this evening and hinted very strongly that I should learn to make the magnet flowers. Hope they're still on my fridge! Nola

  6. Oh...I saw Nola's post, that was fun to see what all she received...

    Love your fabrics for your next you have any UFOs?

  7. I love the stitchery on that bag!


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