Thursday, January 12, 2012

Crochet Hook Roll

I made this crochet hook roll many years from clear plastic and felt. What is laying on the table was in all the pockets, but every time I picked it up they wanted to fall out. So I got busy and fixed the problem.

I took fabric and made a cover for the whole roll. I sewed the felt to the bottom half of the cover which is a double thickness of fabric with the raw edges inside. I sewed it on all 4 sides. Adding a tie cord to the left side seam. Here it is all re-filled.

Here it is closed. I folded the top flap inside over the hooks and rolled it up and tied it. I reall like the way it came out and no more spilled hooks. Some of the hooks in it were from my Grandma and are very old. I have a few bone hooks of her's in there too.


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