Sunday, March 4, 2012

Birds and a Finish

The birds have been back for about a week now. They have stayed across the street in the field and trees most of the time but today they are in our trees. This is out our living room window.

This is across the street where they have been most of the time. They are also very noisy. I could not even guess how many of them there are.

This is the finish. I can not show it to you laid out because it is a gift. Watch later in the year for the full picture. I worked on it every time I sat down for the last 9 days. I am pleased as to how it came out and I know the person who gets it will like it too. But we have to wait a long time to know for sure.

These are all the ends I had to tuck in and then trim off for this project. I would not even dream to count them. I did get a little smarter and tucked them all in as I went and then went back and trimmed them later.


  1. That's a lot of little tails to trim off! :0)

  2. We've had those birds land in our neighborhood and the ARE noisey.

    It looks like you have been busy with all of those tails.

  3. It's all those tails that take the time to sort out. Good job done

  4. wow, reminds me of the movie, The Birds' remember that? I hate the 'clean up' part of any craft...lovely though...


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