Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Half Eaten Crocus and New Tote

Look at the leaves and petals of the flowers. I think the squrills have been having a party eating them.

These were not eaten too bad. I love the striped petals.

I made a new tote bag today because I needed a larger one.
This is the outside and it almost covers the back of my chair seat. I had the fabric from when I made a purse from it.

This is from pre-quilted fabric I had in my stash. This is the inside with 2 pockets.


  1. Hello again, Tudy........ When my crocus plants revive themselves from the "winter", I expect to see the same....little nips here and there.

    Your bag is really nice! I love it.


  2. Love the bag! My crocus aren't blooming yet, but my mini daffodils are.

  3. I really like your bag. Very nice! I'm hoping we get some little flowers before too long...I am very ready for Spring.


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