Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Lots of Pictures

Sunday here in northeast Ohio was like spring and I went out to see what was growing. This is not normal this early in the year. These are Daffodils.

Here are my Iris starting to grow. Way too early for them.

Daffodils in bud. Hope they do not get frozen out.

I think these are my Magic Lilies. They grow their leaves early and then they die off and the blooms come later in the summer.

Chives pushing through the leaves.

Now for my Crocus. I think the Black Walnut tree next door is killing off my flowers in this bed. It has already killed off several other plants. I guess I should mark them and move them somewhere else.

This one looks like something ate the tips of the petals off.

This was sunrise Monday morning. I love sky pictures. They can be so beautiful.

Went to an open house where we bought our lawn tractor last year and this was the new farm tractor they had on display. Hubby is at the bottom right and the tire is as tall as he is.


  1. Your sunrise pictures are beautiful. I've noticed that my spring flowers are early this year also. Daffodils in bud, crocus in full bloom, tulips and Columbines poking their heads up. Guess it's because we've all had such mild winters. They do brighten up the dreary days though. Nola

  2. It certainly has been an early spring this year, lovely to see everything beginning to grow again.

  3. Spring has arrived at your part of the world! Lovely to see your flowers and such a great sunrise:-)

  4. I'm happy spring is coming early this year! I just hope we don't have a really hot summer after having such a mild winter!

  5. Tudy, I love all your photos! You are so lucky to have things popping up in your yard. So far, we have nothing, but undoubtedly will have loads in no time as its warmer today and more warmth and sun are predicted.

    I'm with Terry, hoping our summer isn't too hot after this winter!


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