Monday, March 5, 2012

No Measurable Snowfall

Right, that is what the weather man said for yesterday. We went 45 minutes east to our sons to have him do our taxes. We had places on the way over with almost white-out conditions. No snow there and just light flurries during the day. Left there and just coming into Akron we hit very icy and snowy roads. Four accidents on the passing lane bridges. Then we got into a white out condition and heavy snow on the roads. We followed a semi truck all the way home to our exit from the interstate. This is what we had at home. About 3 inches of wet heavy snow. Our trip took a lot longer coming home last night. I know it does not look that bad but it really was.

Today it is falling off the trees and the roads are clear. I heard there were many accidents last night and at least 1 person lost their life. People just do not respect the bad roads and think they can drive as usual even in bad conditions. Spring can come anytime now.


  1. Glad you got home safely, it's not much fun traveling in those conditions

  2. We are getting alot of snow it but not good about the accidents...

  3. I saw one car still in the ditch on the way to Shreve today.

  4. I was surprised at what we got Sunday also...stayed in all day. Even right now as I type this it is snowing hard. Went to Wadsworth earlier and needed my sunglasses. Crazy....yes, spring, we are ready.


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