Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Finish These and Flowers

I had started these sachets awhile back and got them finished off yesterday. They will be for the church bazaar in Nov. I did not add any aromas to them so whoever buys them can add what they want.

My Chives are almost ready to bloom. I guess I should cut some of them and use them. But I never have because I love the flowers.

This is a large bunch of my Forget-Me-Knots. They really spread this year.

Our flowering tree out front is full of blossoms and is so pretty but the tree that usually blooms like crazy by our home has none. I think they got bit by the heavy frost we have had in the last few weeks. I have never seen it not bloom.

I saw that I have a couple more Tulips that the critters did not dig up and eat.

We have a lot of Lily of the Valley around our home because my hubby decided to plant them everywhere. They grew at the neighbors and they needed thinned so he spread them around. Now he is going to have to start removing them around here because they have spread like crazy. A good job for him.


  1. The sachets are really pretty. I like chives. and they do have lovely flowers

  2. Everything looks great! And I found my crochet hooks. :0)

  3. Your flowers are beautiful especially the tulips :) very sweet! Hey, love the sachets...great work!

  4. Lovely colour in your garden.

  5. You have such beautiful flowers. Enjoy all your pictures.


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