Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Flowers and Afghan

This is the first old fashion Iris to bloom this spring.

This is a Forget-Me-Knot that my cousin gave me.  Her's goes crazy and mine never seems to get any bigger.  It has crinkly leaves unlike my blue and white Forget-Me-Knots that really do spread like crazy for anyone.

Here some more red Tulips I just saw blooming.

I have started putting my African Flower Hexagons together.  I hope to have them all together today and then I can start crocheting the edges.

I am having a time with this new Blogger but I will learn it sometime and then it will be easier.


  1. You have made good progress on the throw, and that iris is beautiful

  2. Join the crowd with Blogger problems!!! Your iris is beautiful, but the other photos are not showing up for me.

  3. awww, love your afghan...what a beautiful blanket. I use to have irises in our old home in Ohio and they were gorgeous. I miss them! lovely...

  4. Love your afghan! And of course the flowers. I used to have a piece of that forget me not but I think it's gone now.


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