Sunday, July 8, 2012

Flowers and Hubby Update

Here is what is in bloom today.

This is not my bush but the neighbors and it is so beautiful this year I had to take a picture.

Hubby is doing good.  He was just outside for a short walk.  It is cooler and a little less humid so it was the time for a walk.  He is using crutches but is putting weight on his foot.  The crutches are for security right now.  He did walk some in the house this morning without them.


  1. It seems to be healing quickly, which is good news

  2. Everything looks great! I'm glad dad's able to get up and about! :0)

  3. Glad to read that he is doing well. Your flowers are really pretty.

  4. Happy to hear your hubby is doing better. The flowers are gorgeous. The top one is stunning and I love the pinkish, purplish ones.


  5. Your flowers are beautiful. I love the orange tiger lily
    or trumpet vine. The top picture it is great.

  6. what's the top flower it is stunning.........I have not seen it before............


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