Saturday, July 7, 2012

Surgery and Flowers

Yesterday hubby had arthroscopic knee surgery for a torn and twisted meniscus.  He is doing okay and should be back to his normal self soon.  No therapy just normal use.

 This is the lake behind the Crystal Clinic where he had the surgery.

These are blooming in my yard today.  A friend gave me a hand full of bulbs last fall and said she thought they were purple flowers.  She had gotten them from a friend too.  No other information.  Well we planted them in a pot because we had no idea how tall they would get.  What a wonderful surprise when they were not dug out by the squirrels and showed buds.  This is the result and they are beautiful.

 Our Trumpet vine is just starting to bloom.


  1. Looks like hubby is in the best place, now the healing can begin

  2. So glad all went well. Hopefully he will have a speedy recovery. Our trumpet vines are getting ready to bloom as well.

  3. Love the lilies! I can't wait for mine to bloom! :0)

  4. Hope the healing goes well. The flowers are so pretty!



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