Friday, July 13, 2012

Tape Measures and Birds

I just finished 3 of my tape measures because I sold a few and needed to keep my supply up.  I love these tape measures.

I have been taking some pictures of my birdbath and these are a few I took. I love to watch the Cardinals take a bath.

This is the Catbird I wrote about earlier this summer.  I love watching birds take baths, even if they do empty the birdbath with their splashing.

 This is a Humming bird near the feeder.  You can see his shadow in the water of the birdbath if you look close.  Click on picture to see better.

P.S. Hubby is doing great and has mowed the lawn and driven his stick shift truck..  It has surprised us all at how quickly he came back to using his leg after surgery just last Friday.  It has a couple of tender spots but nothing that would stop him doing what he wants to do.  Thanks for all the prayers for him.


  1. I need to prune back my rose or move my birdbath, because I can't see the bath from my window anymore! LOL

  2. Those are very pretty and I am sure you will sell these out! I love mine. I just love to watch birds in a birdbath during the summer!

  3. Think our birds have had more than enough baths this year, we've had our summer. It was yesterday, our one and only completely dry day since April!


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