Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fair Day

When we left for the Wayne County Fair yesterday it was not foggy but on the way down you could see the fog laying low over some of the fields.  The pictures are blurry because I took them out the side window of our van.  Lots of pictures.

Hubby with a miniature  horse.

Hubby with on of the larger horses.

This steer was getting blown dry after a bath for a photo shoot.

This girl was waiting to show her sheep.  We watched her class and she won first place.

Momma hen with her chicks.  There is one dark brown in the bunch.

Some of the quilts at the fair.

This is a cross stitch picture.  Sorry for the reflection.

Harness racing at the fair.  They start behind a moving car.


  1. Those little chicks were so cute! We watched some of the harness racing today.

  2. Trudy, thanks for showing the pictures, enjoy the quilts. Sounds like you and hubby had a good time !!!

  3. LOVE fair pictures - they don't have fairs like they do in Ohio and New England. I miss them!! They have rodeos and craft shows - that's about as close as it gets! Thanks for sharing with us = loved the pics!!!!

  4. looks like there is plenty to look and enjoy


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