Monday, September 24, 2012

PIF, Book and Clouds

I got my PIF from Jane Saturday.  I love everything.  I got a felted purse/bag, a crochet hook roll, a corner bookmark, a pincushion, a hanging towel and 3 lavender envelopes.  What a nice PIF.  I told her I would post it yesterday but after baking my 2nd round of Christmas breads I did not feel up to getting on the computer. 

I finished this book last week.  I read the first of the series awhile back.  They are very good books.

These are some clouds taken Sat. morning.  Nice fall clouds.

This is the sunset that same night.  The dark blue at the top are a cloud bank.


  1. I love the bag you got from Jane! And the flowered fabric in the middle of the pincushion is some I sent her a while back. Kind of cool that a bit of it ended up back here with you! :0)

  2. lol, I'd forgotten it was coming home-almost!
    Glad you like it


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