Sunday, January 13, 2013

Critters, Finish and Cleaning

We have had a warm spell which the critters are loving, me not so much because the allergies have flared up again. We had a bad snow storm last week and this is all the snow that is left.

Here are 3 coasters I crocheted over CD's.  I did all 3 while waiting for hubby to get his first back injection on Fri.

This is my sewing room before Terry and Emily came yesterday to help me clean it.  I did donate stuff and Terry and Emily also took some sewing stuff home with them.  They were so much help to me. I would not have cleaned out so much without Terry saying are you going to use this anytime soon.  If no it went out.  You could not see much floor in these pictures.  It was piled high with over sized tote bins.  They were full of fabric.

 This is after the cleaning.  I do need to go through my yarn yet and thin out my supply.  All my fabric is sorted by color and tubs are mostly labeled.

 Look at how much floor is showing in this small room.

I am so happy that they came and helped me go through things.  I feel so much better at having more room to sew in.


  1. Terry is a jewel, Tudy. How fun to all be together to work on this ... more fun to chat & have company to enjoy. You sure have lots of stuff to work with tho. The coasters are lovely, you do beautiful work. How is hubby?

    TTFN ~

  2. We were happy to help! And it will look even better once you get that empty shelf out of there! :0)

  3. LOOKING GOOD!!! It is always good to have some good help!!!

  4. That looks well organised, so much easier to find things now

  5. Your sewing room looks great! Ask Terry to come over to my place and organize my sewing room for me. I would love to see some floor.

  6. Oh wow, it looks lovely. We do tend to hoard things ' just in case'....I am stricter now with my fabric remnants...I no longer keep the miniscule peices left over lol. Nice of your helpers to get stuck in there, it really does look good xx


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