Wednesday, January 30, 2013

This and That

I made 2 small coasters to go with the potholder and dish cloth in my last post.  The color may look different but it is not.  Gloomy day here today.  It took almost the full ball of cotton yarn to make all 4 things.

I started this while hubby was having his injections and finished it last night.  Not sure what it will end up being but I love the design.

All our snow melted 2 days ago and we have had some rain since then but this morning we had a 5 minute downpour and these are 2 places in our yard that have puddles.  Lots of mud where the new barn went in.  Will have to plant grass in the spring.


  1. It will be good to get that all leveled out in the spring and get the grass planted.

  2. That does look muddy, but think it must be better than the snow...right?

    Nice little coasters.

  3. Lots of water pond around here also, we had wind and rain early this morning, it is raining now, turn reak cold tonight maybe a chance of snow, but this is Kentucky weather it chances real fast. Your hand are busy looking good!!! Have a good day.


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