Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Baby Blanket and Butterfly

I finished the crocheted baby blanket.  It is going to Project Linus.  I started a second one today.  It is 36 inches square.  The pattern is a Granny Square.

Today the Black butterfly visited the Butterfly bush.  I love the bright blue at the bottom of its wings.  It is a lot larger than the orange and brown one yesterday.  I do not know the names of these butterflies but love to watch them eat.


  1. I saw the first swallowtail butterflies here today. They're the yellow ones. The one you have above is called a red-spotted purple (don't ask me why! LOL)

  2. Your blanket is so pretty Tudy...don't you just love making the granny square blankets...this one is so lovely with the pastel shades.

  3. Well done on a lovely finish. Apparently, we are having a bumper year for butterflies, they like the sun and heat, a far cry from what we had last year


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