Thursday, July 11, 2013

Morning Sewing/Afternoon Bad Storms

I decided yesterday morning I needed to make a new ironing board cover.  The old one was so stiff from spray starch and really ugly.  I took it off and used it for a pattern.  Hemmed the edge so I could get a safety pin with a cord tied to it through and here is the new one.  I like the paler design a lot.  Here are the before and after.

Bad storms and tornado warning all afternoon and early evening.  This is a large flag we are flying and it was straight out most of the time.  Also heavy rain.  We have had 16 days in a row with measurable rain and high humidity.  After the storms went through we could turn off the AC and open the windows.  So nice to get fresh air in the house.  Family are all okay too.

This is out back of our place.  That whole back lot is under water.

This is in front of our new barn.

Next to our home behind our flower bed.

The other side of the same flower bed.

The behind the same flower bed.

The water has gone down except out back.  Better weather for today.


  1. Your new ironing board cover looks so much better! Hopefully that was the last of the rain for a while!

  2. Ah I wondered where our rain had gone. We have gorgeous sunshine for the first time in around five years. My back garden is normally under that much water most days rofl. I love the ironing board cover..very pretty.

  3. the ironing board cover is wonderful you we are waterlogged and hoping for sunshine...drizzling rain as I type this...yesterday we had 6 inches of rain in a couple of hours...we definitely need sunshine...

  4. You'll be glad of a few days without rain to give it all a chance to dry out.
    It's always so nice to have a new cover on the ironing board, according to Daniel, I need a new one too


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