Sunday, August 11, 2013

Flowers and New Walking Foot

Here are the newest flowers to bloom here.

I had a walking foot I bought but it did not really work on my machine.  Terry found me a new one and it works great.  This is just a sample I did first thing this morning.  The foot works like it is suppose to.  I love it.  I also took out the quilting on the diamond star table topper and re-did it.  It looks so much better.  Thanks again Terry.


  1. You're welcome! I'm sure it's amazing how much easier quilting is with the right foot! :0)

  2. I remember when I got my walking foot, it makes life so much easier. Have fun with it

  3. The new foot looks like it is doing a good job. hugs.......

  4. Walking foot is a good thing to have! Are those more "magic lilies?" Sure are pretty.


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