Friday, March 21, 2014

Quilt and Things

Here are the last of my blocks for my bed quilt.  Terry and Emily helped me decide where the blocks should lay in it.  I will be sewing it this weekend I hope.

Crazy calico kitten on top of my picket fence.  She is a neighbors kitten and lives outside.

Sunrise this morning.

About 2 hours later this is what we have and it is still snowing.  They say it will get up to 55 degrees this afternoon.  Crazy Ohio weather and this is the first full day of spring.


  1. You mean you haven't got all those blocks made into a top yet? I thought you'd be done by now. LOL

  2. I love that you and Terry help each other. I am the only sewer / quilter in my family.

    Crazy weather!

  3. Fun post, crazy kitten for sure. Looking forward to your quilt!

  4. Wow Tudy! You guys are still getting snow! It was really warm here today in the 70' peach trees are in full bloom...hope we don't have a cold spell.

  5. It's going to be a lovely quilt, and I'm glad you've kept all the snow, lol


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