Friday, October 10, 2014

Herman Died Plus Flowers

I killed Herman ( Christmas Bread Starter ) today.  I baked 5 batches of bread.  2 batches of blueberry, 1 of apple and 2 of banana.  They are all in the freezer now.  I have 60 small loaves and 10 regular loaves.  All ready for Christmas giving.  There are some in the door too.

Here are the flowers I arranged for the church alter next week for our anniversary.  They are not real but sure look like they are.  I can enjoy them longer this way.


  1. It must feel great to be done with Herman already. Now you can sit back and relax until Christmas! :0)

  2. Wow! You have been busy! How nice to be that far ahead on Christmas!

  3. You have been busy Tudy. Nice to be organized as Xmas is not that far away now. hugs....

  4. I so meant to do this last year and I chickened out! Sounds wonderful. Can smell it over in Ireland...mmmmm


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