Saturday, September 26, 2015

This and That

I baked my Christmas bread again yesterday.  I did Blueberry, Raisin and Cherry.  All but 1 loaf made it to the freezer.  Hubby had to taste the Cherry to let me know how it tasted.

Here are my 10 doll quilts for the Giving Doll for this month.   I set a goal for myself of 10 a month and so far this year I have made that goal.

A few years ago I made these crocheted tape measure covers and sold a lot of them.  A friend just ordered these 5 the other day.  I guess I better see if I can find more tape measures because I used all I had on hand and when people see these they may want one too.

I was looking for patterns to use up some of my #10 crochet thread and I found this bookmark pattern. I think it is so cute and had to try the pattern.  I am happy with the way it came out and it was easy.

Our Giant Oak tree out front has not had acorns on it for several years but this year they are bigger and a lot more of them.  Hubby raked up several 5 gallon buckets of them the other day and the yard is full again and they have not all fallen yet.  You have to be careful out in the yard that you do not get hit in the head with one.  We have a total of 3 Oak trees.  The ones on the left are from our tree and the ones on the right are from the neighbors tree.  Big difference in their size.


  1. Cute bookmark! They say it's going to be a bad winter, which explains the abundance of acorns.

  2. gorgeous bookmark and I love the little tape measures


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