Sunday, December 27, 2015

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Christmas Eve was at Eric's with Terri and Bek.

Eric always gets food.

Bek is hiding a scarf I made her.

Terri loves the Pittsburg Penguins Hockey team so she got a Christmas penguin. 

Green wrist warmers.

Boot cuffs for Terri.  These are just a few of the gifts they got.

Christmas Day was with Terry's family.  Emily got shark slippers.

A pillow from Grandpa's shirt.  

Boog got a pillow too.

So did Anna.

Brian is behind his pillow.  Dale was not looking at the camera.

Terry's pillow to go with her bedroom if she wishes.  There were other gifts here too that I did not get pictures of.  Some of my pictures were not too good that day.  I think the outside light was coming in behind most of the people.

This years card and ornament.  I always make my own cards and add something to the front.  This year it was buttons.  I also make over 20 ornaments to give away.


  1. Thanks for everything you gave us...We loved it all! And your cards were so pretty this year. :0)

  2. It looks like a great time of gift giving. Your cards are just darling with the buttons.

  3. Glad you were able to enjoy days with both families, the cushions look fabulous

  4. So many special presents to be treasured. Homemade presents are always the best.
    I hope you and you family have a wonderful New Year.


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