Sunday, August 28, 2016

Really Bad Storm

We had a really bad storm go right up our street this afternoon late.  3 blocks away had nothing.  Tree limbs down.  I have not seen a wind like that in over 21 years.  It is funny because across the street they had hardly any damage other than a few small sticks and leaves.  Our wagon on the screened in porch was full of water from the blowing wind.  It blew open the porch door and roll up the door mat inside.  I was home alone when it hit.

This is looking out our porch door.

Neighbors tree was topped out, this is the top on the ground.  It looks like a very large bush.  They also had power lines down but still had power.

Looking out our back door.  Small limbs and leaves everywhere.

Our driveway.  Glad the van was not sitting there.  Dale had it and was on his way home and drove into the storm.  He pulled over to wait it out.

The limb on the well stone slid right down my front windows.  Pretty scary noise from it.

This is the post our flag pole was on.  You can see the end of the pole in the center of the picture.  It broke it off at the ground.

Our flag on the ground.  It is drying off by our porch right now.  It bent the heavy pipe it is on too.

Neighbors tree was topped out this is the top of what is left.


  1. You're just lucky nothing big fell out of the oak tree!

  2. Oh my goodness and I agree with Terry.


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