Monday, January 19, 2009

New Tote Is Finished

This is the pattern I made for my sewing tote. I took the idea for some of the designs from a old piece of fabric I had. I adjusted it to fit my needs.

This is after I had stitched the whole design. It is laying on my sewing machine table on top of the tote fabric.

This is after I had sewed the block on to my tote fabric and was trying to find the buttons I wanted to add to it.

This is the finished tote hanging in my dining room.

This is a close up of the buttons and beads I added to it before I sewed the tote.


  1. That is sew adorable! I just love it!!!

  2. I just love the stitchery and buttons for your new tote...also I see you're doing the Gail Pan Block of the should be fun!

  3. How cute your tote is!! How did you do the stitching around the embroidery?

  4. What a super tote! Love the stitchery.


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