Friday, March 20, 2009

Garmet Sewing

I am doing some sewing for friends to earn enough money to buy a new monitor for my computer. Mine died this last weekend, it turned a teal blue color where it should be white. I am using one I borrowed from my son till I can save enough for a new one. I want a flat screen if I can get one. I have a lot of friends in my senior exercise group that do not sew and they have some work for me, so I decided to take it on. I had some zippers to replace and that is what I did today. YUCK! I can do them but it is not my favorite thing to sew. Hopefully soon I can go look at new monitors. I have several more days of sewing so if I do not post that is what I am doing. No pictures, sorry.


  1. We do what we have to do! Good luck with that sewing!

  2. Good luck. I got a flat screen for Christmas and I love it.

  3. Hi Tudy,

    When I have to do something that I do not enjoy very much I try to remember why I am doing it and what is at the end of it - It does sometimes help - I hate Zips also and do feel for you. I bet you are looking forward to that Brand New monitor.


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