Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My Flower Beds

This is a Bleeding heart that came up through the compost pile. It was a flower bed before it was a compost pile and I guess we did not get all the Bleeding Heart dug out. I love it here because it makes the pile look better.

This is my front flower bed out by the sidewalk. The Creeping Phlox are really doing well this year.

This is the side of the same flower bed.

This is my long bed by the sidewalk coming down to our house. My Blue Forget-me-nots are really doing well this year too. I painted the slate sign a few years ago and the bird bath.


  1. How lucky you are for that gorgeous bleeding heart plant. It must love the soil to look that lush!!

  2. Everything looks great! Remind me to get a start of that white phlox next time I'm up. I don't have any white!


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