Friday, August 7, 2009

Large Tree and Magic Lillies

This is a tree in our front yard. I have had many people comment on it so I thought I would show it to you. It is a Swamp White Oak we are told. This is the base of it. It does not look that big from this view but just look farther down the pictures.

This is the view of the top of the same tree. See the light pole to the left in both pictures.
This is the view from across the road in the neighbors front yard. See the big 2 story blue house? See the 2 vans on the left of the picture? The tree trimmers a few years ago said it was over 100 feet tall. It could be taller now. It has been through many a storm and still stands. If it ever goes down I sure hope it goes across the street and I do not want to be around when it hits the ground.

These are my Magic Lillies. I usually have a few but this year there is a large bunch of them. I think they are beautiful this year.


  1. Your magic lilies are so pretty! I had some of those in Perrysville but don't have any here.

  2. That tree is Ginormous!!! and your lilies are lovely! I just love lilies, all kinds!

  3. Those lillies are gorgeous...I never heard of them before.
    I never realized that tree was so tall.

  4. Oh, my....not a great couple of photos for me to see with that tree. I am now fearful of trees! heard me right.....afraid of them ever since one week ago a tree that appeared perfectly normal to me blew down in a wind gust and landed on our house and did about $25,000 damage. We weren't hurt, I am afraid of big trees. *sigh*

  5. Your lillies are called "ladies of the Night" my mother gave me some of these. the leaves come in the spring and then die then in the summer you get these beauties. Mine come up this year as well...I didn't pull them for a change..LOL Gorgeous they are and I love that huge tree just think of the history that tree has seen on that corner. I do hope it stays healthy for everyone's sake and the tree's

  6. Great pictures Tudy looks in big in the picture but really BIG in person now we know the name of the lilies I love them!!

  7. That tree is huge! I know! I've seen it! Its amazing to me that tree is that big!!
    Great job on your august block! We've been busy with fair so I am trying to catch up!


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