Saturday, August 1, 2009

New Tatting Experiment and Flowers

I saw a pattern for a butterfly on a large regular shaped paperclip. I did not have a regular shaped one but I had this type I had bought for a different project. So out came the shuttle and the butterfly pattern I have been making from the start of tatting again. This is the result. It holds very tight to the clip. I was surprised.

These pictures were taken of my 2 Trumpet Vines. They are just starting to bloom. Some of their branches almost touch the ground. I love the orange color and the Humming Birds just love them too.


  1. Beautiful tatting! It would make a pretty bookmark, perhaps?

  2. Butterflies on paperclips are very popular right now. That's kind of a cool shaped paperclip! :)

  3. Beautiful tatting and beautiful trumpet vine...thanks for sharing the photos!

  4. Cute idea to put it on the paperclip.

  5. Fun idea to put the tatting on a paperclip!
    My transplanted trumpet vine only has foliage now, no
    trumpets yet!

  6. Love the butterflies would love to buy one if you decide to sell them my trumpet vine is about done flowering love them too!!


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