Friday, August 28, 2009

Stitching Finishes

I finished putting together the 5 ornaments I have been stitching for my swap group. They are simple to do, after the stitching is finished I trim them. I then cut felt the same size and then blanket stitch around them. These are the same patterns I used before but these are cut square not oval. Simple and easy plus low cost.


  1. So glad to have found your blog - thru Gail Pan's link to your finished Christmas Wishes which is beautiful! :)

    and funny that I read a little farther and found this post about your ornaments. Just today a few friends and I were talking about redwork angels that I could make for each of my children this year and even school teachers... and I wasn't sure if I should stitch on fabric or felt and then back them to hide the backside of stitches...?

    so I'd love to know more about yours :) what do you use for fabric? and how do you finish them? I hope you can email me or post again with a little more info. Thanks! :)

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie


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