Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Another Tuesday
All I can say is that this Tuesday is way better than last Tuesday was. It seems like it was just yesterday that John's accident happened and at the same time it seems like it was weeks ago. So much has changed in our lives in that week. But we're getting through it all and will continue to do so. We really don't have much choice!John was pretty much out today when I went to see him. They have put him back on two of his pain meds because the morphine dosage wasn't really keeping him comfortable. He's on the lowest dosages of all the meds...apparently using a variety of meds at the lowest dosage is better than one at a higher dosage. John's next surgery is scheduled for 5 p.m. today. Hopefully they can get rid of all the bad stuff on the end of his leg and still have plenty of good stuff left to work with.

His vitals are all still good. They do have a concern with his left arm. His hand is puffy and he's not moving that arm, so they think there might be a break in there somewhere. He grimaces when the nurse pinches him so that's good. She thinks they'll x-ray it and see if they can find out what the problem is.So we just continue to try to get on with our lives at the moment. There are so many things that still have to be done whether John's here or not. The good thing is that those things keep us busy. And busy minds and bodies are a good thing right now!

Thanks to you all for stopping by and leaving comments. I do appreciate them all! One of these days I'll have time to reply and to leave comments on your blogs again. I am skimming through blogs daily...that's my little bit or normality that's keeping me sane! LOLHugs to you all!


  1. My best thoughts are with you all .

  2. Thanks for keeping us updated on John's condition keeping all of you in my prayers!

  3. Thank you for keeping us updated. I hope John's surgery yesterday went well, and that he continues to improve. These are tough times for all of you.
    I also wanted you to know that I love your headerphoto! That covered bridge and the stacks of-well, we call it corn...-, just lovely!


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