Saturday, October 24, 2009

Craft Show Pictures

This is my table from the front. It is hard to see all the details of what is on it.

This is from the end of the table.

This is a closer shot of the same end.

This is the end with all the tatting on it. The jars in the middle are filled with peanut brittle.

I did okay at the show but it was a slow day. Never a big crowd. It is only the second year for it and a lot of the crafters from last year did not come back because they did not sell much last year. They also need to promote it better. But times are somewhat tight so people are not really spending a lot.


  1. Very nice to see it all set out

  2. What a nice display! It looks like you put a lot of effort into everything. I'll bet that peanut brittle is delicious! That's what I would've gotten! It's nice to see tatting, too!

  3. Your display looks wonderful...

  4. Your table looks very nice. I know times are tough but it also seems that groups have craft sales and are happy to collect the table fees from the crafters....BUT....they aren't so happy to do the work to publicize the craft show enough. They figure there will always be others who take their place next year if some crafters pull out. I wish you'd been able to sell ALL your items!!!

  5. Tudy what a wonderful display....I'm sorry you didn't sell all your wares..after all your hard work. And it is work!! I'm in awe of your tatting!! That's on my "to do" list..I'm revising my life cycle to 110 at least. Hehehe...I'll still have enough material left for quilting as well. Cheers to you and rainbow smiles..Gloria

  6. What gorgeous pieces you have. You can tell you put your heart into it!


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