Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fall Colors

I took these Monday. Some from inside the van going down the road and some pulled over to the side of the road. The colors are not as pretty this year around here. I do not know if it was the cool summer we had or what caused it. But they are pretty anyway.

This one has the glare of the windshield so the sky looks funny. Sorry!


  1. The amount of color this year is very strange....I guess it was a weather thing...too much rain and cool in June and then not a really great summer after that. These still look pretty, but I know what you mean...when you compare them to other years.....they pale.

  2. Thanks for showing the fall colors, there is no fall here....

  3. Thanks for showing the beautiful colors Tuddy...I was wondering if it's not too much to ask for Terry's mailing address...I would like to send a package for her...If you think is not a good thing or is not a good time please let me know...

    Have a good Day,

    In His Name,


  4. Beautiful Photo's.. I was in Pittsburgh just a week ago and the colors weren't changing there much either. Normally they have such beautiful orange and red leaves.


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