Wednesday, October 21, 2009

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

We're home!! :0)
John has finally relaxed enough since we got home earlier to doze off on the couch. His snoring is the sweetest sound I've heard in weeks, but don't you dare tell him I said that! LOL

I just have to say this one more time and then I'll let it go...thank you all so much for all the comments and emails and cards you sent to us during this challenging time. Your thoughts and prayers have helped us more than you will ever know. Hugs to you all! :0)

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  1. Oh, Terry! I haven't gotten to read any news for 2 days, but we are so happy to hear that John is HOME!!! That is the best news of the day. You are all in our thoughts, as this will be a total life change, but Larry and I are praying for the best for your family. We always say we can beat anything together, and I bet it will be that way for you, too. God bless! pokey


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