Monday, October 19, 2009

Good Monday

Another good day
John had another good day today. He learned some kitchen safety and they did have him on crutches for a bit. That was good because he realized how much more stable the walker is. He still may be able to use crutches at some point once his balance is better. But for now he's comfortable with the walker. The PT woman came in to re-wrap his stump and asked him to try to do it himself. He managed but it was pretty loose. It really is hard to hold the end of the ace bandage and wrap it around at the same time with just two hands. After he was done she asked me if I wanted to try so I did. And when I was done she said it looked good and she left it on. And it was still on when I left today. Guess I did something right. :0)

Tomorrow is the big evaluation day. I imagine by the time I get up there he'll know how much longer he'll have to stay. I hope it's not long because he REALLY needs to get out of there and back home soon.

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