Thursday, October 22, 2009

John's First Day Home

This is what Terry posted on her blog today. I want to pass on what she is posting to all of you.

What a day!
So, how silly am I that I thought today would be restful. It started out OK. It was nice to not have to jump right in the car after Emily got on the bus to drive to the hospital. I got John's hair cut and he had a quick shower and shampoo (the first in three weeks). Then the phone calls and visits started. I won't list all the phone calls but there were at least a dozen. The visiting nurse was here and will be back on Sunday morning. Then the physical therapist was here to do an evaluation. They won't be back until Monday but that will be three days a week. An occupational therapist will be coming too next week. And my MIL was here all afternoon. John went to stretch out on the bed a little while ago because he was tired of sitting and now he's sound asleep. Supper is cooking and the laundry is half done. Hopefully after supper we can relax just a bit. Maybe tomorrow will be a little bit calmer. :0)


  1. Oh, that is wonderful news that John is finally home. What a relief. ((HUGS))!


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