Thursday, October 1, 2009

Terry's Post

This was just posted by Terry so I just copied it and posted it here for all to read too. It is good news.

I'm just back from the hospital and John's second surgery today went very well. The surgeon was pleased with how the tissue looked and how the skin looked. There was enough skin left to cover the wound so no skin graft was necessary. He's still sedated and will be for the rest of today. They'll probably bring him out of it tomorrow and that's when the hard part starts for him. I've had three days now to adjust to his amputation...he isn't even aware of it yet. We've got a lot more to get through but every day we're one day closer to getting him back home where he belongs.


  1. I"m glad you posted this for us to hear the good news as soon as possible. Poor John will be having a big shock and might have some emotional issues to deal with....that will affect the whole family. I'm sure Terry is aware of that and the hospital has staff who know how to help people through that, too. Praying for all of them.

  2. My thoughts and prayers remain with Terry & John. It is sure to be a long road, but with faith and hope, plus lots of patience, they will get through this.
    Love & hugs, Karen L.

  3. It definitely will be hard to adjust. As a rehab therapist I know that he will be able do a good job working on his rehab. If he was strong to begin with, that will make it much easier. Upper body strength is going to be so important here as he recovers. I will be keeping John and all the family in my prayers.


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